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Pelican Bay – Naples, FL –  What is happening with the prices on low-rise condos in Pelican Bay?  I was working on this question today so I decided to share my findings with you.  The median price of a low-rise condo in Pelican Bay at year end 2015 was $492,500.00.  From January 1, 2016 – August 29, 2016 the median price of a low-rise condo is $595,000.00 which is an increase of 20.81%!

2016 01-08

Low-Rise condo average and median sale prices  in Pelican Bay January 1, 2016 – August 29, 2016

In the process of looking at the above figures, I also looked at the 12-month period ending June 2016 for sold condos in all of Naples.

2nd Quarter 2016 Naples Condo Stats 

You’ll note on the 2nd quarter report that 62.84% of all condo sales in Naples were in the 0-300K price range.  The Naples Beach area accounted for 21.37% of all the condo sales and had a median price of $625,000.00.  The median price of a low-rise condo in Pelican Bay is $595,000.00.   Pelican Bay currently has 47 low-rise condos on the market.  There have been 8.5 sales a month since the beginning of 2016 for low-rise condos in Pelican Bay. This gives us an absorption rate of 5.5 months.   A “normal” market has an absorption rate of 6 months.

I was curious to see what the percentage difference was in the median price between a 2 bedroom plus den vs a 3 bedroom low-rise condo in Pelican Bay.  It turns out that the median price of the 3 bedroom low-rise in Pelican Bay is 16.7% higher than the median price of a two bedroom plus den low-rise in Pelican Bay.

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