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Pelican Bay – Naples, FL – Part of the allure of living in Pelican Bay is our access to the beach.  Summertime brings warm water to the Gulf of Mexico. Many full-time Pelican Bay residents LOVE this time of year because the beach is less crowded than season and the Gulf water is so pleasant.

Since I live in sunshine year round, I always take pains to protect myself from too much exposure to the sun…..especially when I go to the beach.  I, along with several friends of mine, can be seen at the Sandpiper Beach floating in the water wearing broad-brimmed hats.  These hats may not be too stylish; however they do protect our faces from the sun.

I recently found a nifty free app for my Android phone that I would like to share.  You can find it in the app store under UV US. Here’s what the app looks like:


This is a really neat application for your phone or tablet that will:

  • Set your city
  • Give you the current weather and UV index for the time of day
  • Let’s you enter your skin type and the SPF you are wearing so it can calculate how long it would take you to burn under current UV conditions
  • Has timer that will count down the minutes until you burn
  • Gives all sorts of sun protection tips

Have issues with children putting on sunscreen?  I can see how using this app can make sunscreen application a fun event for kids.  Depending on their age, they could enter their information and start the timer for a countdown of when they need to put on more sunscreen.

I hope you have some fun with this app and remember to stay safe in the sun.

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