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Pelican Bay – Naples, FL – WOW!  It’s been quite a year so far in Pelican Bay.  I’ve had a very busy year, so busy that I am finally posting year-to-date statistics for 2014 AND the first half of 2015 for all building types.  Let’s take a look at what’s been happening.


Sales Price 2013–YTD 2014-YTD 1st Half 2015
Average $459,539. $461,391. $535,458.
Median $389,000. $429,500. $490,000.
Units Sold 110 98 75
Days on Market 154 141 121

There are currently 22 active low-rise listings on the market in Pelican Bay.  At the rate of sales within the last 6 months, we have a 1.75 months worth of inventory in low rises to be sold. 


Sales Price 2013–YTD 2014–YTD 1st Half 2015
Average $592,903. $788,243. $885,860.
Median $490,000. $525,000. $670,000.
Units Sold 59 61 26
Days on Market 92 219 119

As of today, there are 5 mid-rise listings on the market. Mid-rise inventory has an absorption rate of 1.25 months.


Sales Price 2013–YTD 2014–YTD 1st Half 2015
Average $1,302,558. $1,633,130. $1,794,427.
Median $966,000. $1,255,000. $1,237,000.
Units Sold 170 160 96
Days on Market 207 198 158

Today finds us with 28 active high-rise listings on the market with an absorption rate of 1.06 months.


Sales Price 2013–YTD 2014–YTD 1st Half 2015
Average $737,250. $1,077,447. $990,956.
Median $725,000. $970,000. $950,000.
Units Sold 33 23 25
Days on Market 148 186 98

There is currently only 1 active attached villa on the market. 


Sales Price 2013–YTD 2014–YTD 1st Half 2015
Average $1,266,200. $1,400,350. $1,152,693.
Median $1,100,000. $1,397,500. $900,000.
Units Sold 15 20 15
Days on Market 155 269 222

There are currently 3 active detached villas on the market.


Sales Price 2013–YTD 2014–YTD 1st Half 2015
Average $1,251,288. $1,730,929. $2,022,685.
Median $1,218,500. $1,300,000. $1,350,000.
Units Sold 33 28 27
Days on Market 293 202 139

As of today there are 9 active single family homes on the market in Pelican Bay.

Between 2013 and 2014 every single building design saw an increase in price. The first six months of this year saw an increase in price in every building category except for attached villas.

It is apparent that Pelican Bay has a lack of inventory.  I looked back at some of my old blog entries and found this one from 2011.  In 2011, we were averaging around 14 months to absorb all the listings on the market.  Now we have a shortage of listings.

What’s causing this shortage of listings?  While prices have climbed up, some Residents are still holding onto units that they bought at the height of the market. Other Residents have decided to sell their Northern homes and live in their Pelican Bay properties. These scenarios have also contributed to the lack of units for rent and the increase in rental prices.

Pelican Bay is a beautiful place to live. The amount of inquires I receive from Buyers looking to purchase in Pelican Bay tells me that other people also believe this is a beautiful place to live.

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