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Pelican Bay, Naples FL – Last night, after months of waiting to see the new restaurant area at the North Beach, my husband and I joined mass humanity to see the grand opening of Marker 36.  Marker 36 is the new name for the Sandpiper Restaurant.  I have to say that this Realtor is very happy with the changes that were done.  The new restaurant has more of a “resort” feeling.  I snapped a few photos to give you an idea of how the new place looks.  It was difficult to get great photos as there were so many people in attendance last night.

New Hostess Area

The new hostess area is now located between the bar area and the outside dining area. There is now a half wall that separates the bar area from the outside dining area.

Outside Dining Area Marker 36

Marker 36’s outside dining area was packed with people last night.


Here we are looking from the exercise area towards the bar and outside dining area.

Here we are looking from the exercise area towards the bar and outside dining area.

Mother Nature provided Marker 36's grand opening with a beautiful sunset.

Mother Nature provided Marker 36’s grand opening with a beautiful sunset.

Pelican Bay Residents are drawn to watch the sunset from the exercise area.

Pelican Bay Residents were drawn to watch the sunset from the exercise area.

One feature I really like is that the wooden rails along the beach have been replaced with narrow metal rails which gives the area a more open feel.  The inside dining area has been nicely redone too.  All in all I think these changes are good ones for the restaurant and benefit our community.

I was only able to sample a couple of free appetizers as there were so many people in attendance last night.  I am looking forward to my first meal at Marker 36.  I sincerely hope that the food has improved over the food that had been served at the Sandpiper Restaurant.

I’d like to take a moment to wish you all a very Happy Holiday with best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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