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Pelican Bay – Naples, FL – Strange enough it seems as if I’ve become the dog whisperer of Pelican Bay. Some years back my tolerance level for waiting for the MLS to update the pet search fields cracked. I hired my nephew to create a list of all the subdivisions in Pelican Bay listing the pet restrictions for owners and tenants.  Find this list by clicking on Pet Policies in Pelican Bay.

Ben and Jenny pictured below and their owners are looking to buy a first-floor condo in Pelican Bay.  They would love to find one in San Marino!

 Ben and Jenny are looking for condo in Pelican Bay

The Pet Field is a drop down menu, it should be easy to fill out and search. Why is it so hard for a Realtor to search by the Pet Field in the MLS? 

  • The Pet Field is not a required field. – This means that an agent doesn’t have to fill in this field.
  • If the listing agent does decide to fill out the Pet Field, most of the time they choose WITH APPROVAL from the drop down menu.  This does not need any further action by the listing agent but does involve a tremendous amount of work by the Buyer’s agent.  The Buyer’s agent must call each listing agent or each property management office to find out the pet policy.
  • If the listing agent does decide to fill out the Pet Field with LIMITS, the agent must fill in the number of pets and the weight rule. This information comes from rules and regulations of the subdivision.  The listing agent should call the property management company to get the information if the rules are not available. 
  • Two other choices given in the drop down Pet Field menu are NOT ALLOWED & NO APPROVAL NEEDED.

In a perfect world, you would think that every listing agent would fill in the Pet Field with the proper information.  As of today, Pelican Bay has 70 listings. 30 of these listings read WITH APPROVAL.  Just by glancing at the WITH APPROVAL list, I know 16 of these listings have defined limits on pets.

Can you tell that this issue is a PET PEEVE of mine? A listing agent once told me that I shouldn’t have sent her an e-mail inquiring about the pet policy of her listing, I should have called her.  This was after I had made over 20 phone calls!  To say I was ready to strangle this clueless agent is an understatement. (Just kidding of course.)  FYI – I was working with a Buyer that was looking outside of Pelican Bay.

If you were selling  your place in Pelican Bay, wouldn’t you want the proper pet information on your listing?  It might just open up your listing to more buyers!

If you have a pet and want to buy in Pelican Bay, I would direct you to the pet policy list I prepared.  This is a good guideline on which subdivisions will take your pet.  I always double check the list for my Buyers as some complexes could have changed their policy.

If you have pets and are trying to rent in Pelican Bay, please check the pet policy list.  You’ll see that almost no condos allow tenants to have pets.

I found Brandy and Boomer a condo, along with their owners. Can I help you and your pets find a home in Pelican Bay?

Brandy and Boomer have a condo in Pelican Bay.

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